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LMP LIVE! There are two sides to our story

There are two sides to our story

The expertise side which is why we are trusted by some of the industry’s largest firms and our new era and modern approach to connecting, educating and adding value. LMP Live has allowed our personality to shine as we don’t fit in with the traditional law firm approach!

Our desire was always to build a firm where customer experience, market leading expertise and a partnership approach to property management is essential. We are proud of the fact when managing agents engage with us they know they are valued.

What have we got to offer to property managers?


Here you will find an insight into our daily interaction with the property management world and a snippet into LMP life. You’ll find out more about our team, our take on topics affecting our industry or something not related to property management at all perhaps! Follow us on social media @LegallyBlonde to keep in touch.


LMP Live was created to bring leasehold education to Life in a social environment. We offer property managers and industry colleagues live CPD consultations to help solve problems and gain new insights into how we can collectively improve learning experiences within our industry. We find that learning is much more effective in person which is why we have created LMP Live.


As a company we feel relationships are built upon trust and in person. We organise events and seminars for our members in Nottingham, Manchester, London and Bristol. Find out more about our events below.


If you are searching for the answers to a legal issue or simply wish to brush up on your legal knowledge, here is where we can help. The legal lounge is a collection of webinars based on some frequently asked questions which we regularly receive from property managers. Please feel free to send us your questions and we will happily post you a personal video response with our advice and opinions. Otherwise follow us here for some generic responses to issues faced in the leasehold sector.


The Ins and Outs of a Lease by LMP Law
The Ins & Outs of Leases

We’re always happy to remind people about the importance of all parties having a clear understanding of exactly what a lease contains

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