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ARREARS RECOVERY LMP Law are specialists in Service Charge and Ground Rent arrears recovery
We act directly for investors, developers, freeholders, managing agents, residential management companies, property managers, and leaseholders.

We believe that proactive investigation as to a leaseholder’s whereabouts or ability to pay is key, and prevents unnecessary action. It can also help to create a bespoke route for arrears recovery to ensure quick collection.

We promote communication, flexibility and early settlement. 

We learn about our clients’ credit control process and regularly provide practical advice and tips to either improve it or make sure that our systems are adapted so as to run alongside it smoothly. We carry out checks of initial demands and ensure that the process, before we are instructed, has been compliant with the relevant statute.

We realise that service charge and ground rent collection is all about cash flow and we concentrate solely on getting payment to our clients within the minimal amount of time with the minimum amount of fuss.

Reporting and systems are vital but we set ourselves apart by also providing a personal touch in all communications with all parties.

We are actively against the traditional image of big bad debt collectors – we believe a modern legal environment has no space for this. We promote communication, flexibility and early settlement. 

Our clients tend to be like minded individuals who are interested in above all else providing great service to their clients. They are business professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and it is exciting to work together in partnership to find often bespoke solutions to any legal issue. 

We would love to talk to you to see how we can help your arrears collection.


We are well aware that we are representatives of our clients and therefore relationships with our client’s clients must also be preserved and nurtured. We provide ourselves on:

  • Fast Recovery; recovering and transferring our clients’ arrears in market leading time.
  • Providing the very best communication with our clients and all parties involved in their matter.
  • Personalising our collection processes to meet our clients’ requirements.
  • Providing sensible and transparent cost solutions enabling our clients to receive their arrears without delay.
  • Working with our clients, never against them.
  • Demonstrating the technical expertise our clients’ matters deserve.

No Fuss Ground Rent Recovery for Landlords. Focusing on obtaining settlements with the use of open communication means it IS possible to protect a Landlords revenue stream AND reputation.

  • Minimal information required to upload bulk instructions.
  • Ability to recover arrears without court proceedings.
  • Tailored solutions for a low-level arrears.
  • Fixed pricing.

We offer a complimentary review of your Service Charge and/or Ground Rent Demands to get things moving.

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