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Swift Service Charge Recovery

Keeping Service Charge Arrears Recovery Simple – No cost service charge recovery.
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Keeping Service Charge Arrears Recovery Simple – No cost service charge recovery.

  • Fast Recovery; recovering and transferring our clients’ arrears quickly.
  • Focusing on providing the very best communication with our clients and all parties involved in the matter.
  • Personalising our collection processes to meet our clients’ requirements.
  • Understanding and implementing our clients’ commercial considerations.
  • No invoices for abortive costs.

Communication is the key in the collection of Service Charge

We are able to offer several different settlement options when leaseholders contact us regarding payment of their arrears. We are consistently successful in collecting large arrears on behalf of our clients. We understand that sometimes leaseholders forget to make payment or fall on hard times. What is important is that there is clear communication. We use many different routes to ensure direct contact with leaseholders.

Whenever we deal with a leaseholder who is in arrears we will always take the time to clearly explain the relationship within the lease regarding service charge arrears.

All parties can work together to keep cash flowing to the development. Open communication can also prevent unnecessary costs being incurred if leaseholders are willing to discuss any outstanding issues in order to bring about a speedy and amicable conclusion. We are friendly straight talking individuals who work to provide practical solutions.

If you have arrears that need collecting then we can help with our super quick recovery times.

We can’t wait to report back and show you the progress of your cases and the positive impact we can have on your cash flow.

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